Feb 25, 2008

Spaghetti salad with an asian touch

This is a favorite in our family, looks strange, but always the first salad bowl to be empty during a barbecue...

500 g cooked spaghetties
250 g leek or green onions
250 g ham
6 Tablespoons lemon juice
6 Tablespoons soy sauce
3 Tablespoons asian spice mix

Cut leek/green onions and ham into very small pieces.
Mix lemon juice, soy sauce and asian spice mix to a salad dressing.
Add spaghetti, leek and ham to the dressing and mix everything. Works best when the spaghetties are still warm, they soak up the dressing better then.
Put into fridge for at least one hour, tastes even better when it can sit over night.

I hope you enjoy as much as we do
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Feb 2, 2008

Cottage Pie

This, and its relation Shepherd's Pie, are traditional favourites in England, and a regular dish on the Wigworthy table. The only difference is which meat is used. Shepherd's Pie is made with minced lamb, whereas Cottage Pie is made with minced beef.

1lb minced beef

1lb diced carrots

One large onion, chopped

4oz green peas

4oz green beans, sliced

Enough gravy granules to make 1 pint thick gravy

(or 1 pint of stock and a sauce thickening, e.g. cornflour)

2lb mashed potatoes (I mash them with salt, pepper, milk, and cream)

1. In a large pan boil (yes!) the meat in water or stock until cooked through.

2. Add all vegetables and simmer until just tender.

3. Add gravy granules, or sauce thickening mixed with a little water.

Stir to make a thick gravy.

4. Transfer to a casserole dish and cover with the mashed potatoes.

Fluff the topping with a fork.

5. Cook in a hot oven for approximately half an hour until the potato topping has browned.
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